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A modern commitment to an ancient art form.


We, at SpringWorks, discovered the potential of the wonderful world of puppetry in 2011 during our first festival. The show was called As You Puppet. As a reimagining of the Shakespeare classic, it was perfectly suited to the intersection of SpringWorks as an independent  arts organization and Stratford, a city known internationally as a centre for Shakespeare in Canada. We fell in love with this versatile art form and have been continuously awestruck by the power of puppets. They can expand the possibilities of storytelling, bring new perspectives to complex ideas, and engage wildly diverse audiences. Puppets are unique teaching tools capable of  inspiring young and mature audiences, alike.

Since 2011, we have learned more about the Canadian festivals of Puppetry and the Art of Puppetry. There have been many opportunities to form partnerships with organizations, nationally and internationally, who share a passion for this ancient, diverse, and evolving art form. Going forward, we hope to provide a vital space for this medium for local, national and international artists, and audiences. We would love you to join us on this journey.

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The Oneida and Chippewa Nations of the Thames, Kettle Point and Stony Point, and the Saugeen and Munsee Delaware Nations, are the traditional custodians of the land upon which we stand.  These peoples’ cultures and customs have nurtured the earth, since the beginning of human experience.
We must continue to nurture this land and protect the future together, honouring the wisdom of ancestors, respecting, and respectfully learning from each other. 

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