By Lucy Rupert and Paulina Derbez 
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 Paulina Derbez 
“One of the Top ten most successful Mexicans in Canada” 
The Globe and Mail
Lucy Rupert
"an orchid among forget-me-nots"
Toronto Star

Mirrors is a dreamscape where music, movement, text, digital painting and the raw explosiveness of the two performing artists converge in an unforgettable world. Using their shared classical music training as a launching point, Mirrors both challenges and accepts rules in pursuit of freeing the voice that seeks to be heard. 


Including original text and adapted text from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, this 45 minute duet is a most unique version of the triple threat, its two performers moving, singing, speaking as though in a kaleidescope. Performed by two unforgettable performers with a combined 40-plus years of experience experimenting with form and sound.



Founded in 2004 by Lucy Rupert, Blue Ceiling dance originally began as an umbrella for the artistic pursuits of choreographer-dancer Lucy Rupert. Over the years the company has expanded to commission, produce and present works of dance, dance-theatre and multi-disciplinary works. Repertoire has toured throughout Ontario, to New York, Montreal and Stuttgart, Germany. Key values of the company are individuality, imagination and connectivity: bringing the unique viewpoints of collaborators together to reflect the complexity, beauty and connectedness of our world and to explore the overlap of human consciousness and the natural world.

MONDAY, OCT.16        7PM


TUESDAY, OCT.17    5:30PM


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we must cancel all performances of Mirrors.

We apologize for the inconvenience but invite you to view our schedule of other works.


Lucy Rupert

Lucy Rupert is a freelance dance artist and theatre performer and the artistic director of Blue Ceiling dance, an umbrella for work she creates, commissions, performs and tours. Lucy is known for her raw and articulate individualism and vulnerability in performance. She has been quietly carving her unique path in dance, theatre and multi-disciplinary work, based in Toronto for twenty years.


Lucy has performed in works of choreographers Marie Josee Chartier, Nova Bhattacharya, Peter Quanz, Jenn Goodwin, Angela Blumberg, Allison Cummings, William Yong, Sashar Zarif, Anandam Dance, Puppetmongers Theatre, Volcano Theatre and Circus Orange, among others.  She has worked with Theatre Rusticle since 2001 and with Fujiwara Dance Inventions since 2010. Lucy has a Joint B.A. in Dance and Music from the University of Waterloo, where she studied voice and piano extensively as well as dance performance; and an M.A. in History from the University of Toronto. Lucy is a Chalmers Fellowship recipient and a two-time nominee for the K.M. Hunter Award in Dance. She is an avid citydweller, conservationist and astrophysics enthusiast.

Paulina Derbez 

Paulina Derbez began studying violin at the Yuriko Kuronuma Academy in Mexico City, and subsequently traveled to Lugano, Switzerland to complete her training at the Conservatorio Della Svizzera Italiana, under the tutelage of Carlo Chiarappa, and at the D’Archi Vivaldi Academy under Susan Holm. She received scholarships on three occasions from the FONCA (Mexico’s National Fund for Arts and Culture). She has performed concerts in countries around the world, including Japan, Colombia, France, Italy, Germany, Canada and Mexico, as a soloist and with chamber and symphony orchestras. She is the creator of the Conscious Musician music teaching method, and has taught courses applying this method in Switzerland and Mexico at institutions such as the Rudolf Steiner School in Lugano, Switzerland, the International Music Festival in Morelia, and the Yuriko Kuronuma Academy in Mexico City.


Paulina currently lives in Toronto, Canada where she is a member of the Ontario Philharmonic under the direction of the internationally renowned conductor Marco Parissotto, and of the contemporary music ensemble Altri Suoni. She very successfully premiered her one-woman multidisciplinary concert Shika: Out of the Silence the Sound Is born at the University of Toronto in 2014. Her repertoire and compositions have toured through Latin America and Europe where she is also an in-demand masterclass leader. Recently she was also recognized as “One of the Top ten most successful Mexicans in Canada” by The Globe and Mail. Paulina’s book The Conscious Musician, published in June 2014 by Editorial Ink, was originally published in Spanish as El Músico Consciente in 2012, which was launched at the International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico. She gives conferences and talks about The Conscious Musician and is also the co-author of the interactive audiovisual book Depictions of a Concert, with Jaime Luján.With the Mexican Global Network, she has been involved in the launching the new Mexican cultural platform “Mexico Contemporary” in Toronto in Fall 2015.



Collaborators currently include sound designer Mitch Cook, visual artist Jaime Lujan Oros, outside eye Liza Balkan, vocal coach Fides Krucker and lighting designer Michelle Ramsay.

Research and development of Mirrors generously supported by Ontario Arts Council, the Multidisciplinary Arts Projects Program.


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