By The Company of Women Scribblers 
Producer: Marion Claire Adler, Directors: Monice Peter, Sadie Berlin
“Women have sat indoors all these millions of years, so that by this time the very walls are permeated by their creative force” 
― Virginia Woolf, "A Room of One's Own"

Amuse-Bitch presents a sampling of new works by its members,

a group of women who meet every fortnight to share their creative output. Their collected artistic works run the gamut from the autobiographical to the fantastic, and include fiction, theatre, poetry, movement and sound.


Amuse-Bitch have assembled two completely different shows, each with its own unique material, so please make sure you come to both events!

Our two very different shows~

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Friday 12th, 10:30 am       Sunday 14, 7 pm

On Friday the 12th


ABDUCTED BY ALIENS (Marion Adler) - fiction reading - Ten eyes see one story from two very different points of view.

(see Spiders)

Life’s a Funny Thing (Barbara Dunn-Prosser) - memoir reading - Every family’s  history has it’s secrets and unanswered questions. But “truth will out” as the saying goes. This 10 minute reading is the beginning of a memoir that attempts to capture the courage and confusion of two children caught in the net of social circumstances nearly sixty years apart and the eventual unveiling of truth.


Ladies of the CNR (Stacy Smith) - dramatized reading -  a play inspired by the women of Stratford who worked as mechanical assistants at the Canadian National Railways locomotive repair shops during WWII.

Kitty, Jean and Clara sneak into the empty train repair facility, their former employ during World War II. They travel back in time to the 1940s, reliving the challenges of life on the Homefront, and the world of Big Engines that temporarily held them captive, changing their lives forever.

Pegeen (Brigit Wilson/Nancy Benjamin)- dramatized reading -  “Pegeen and the Pilgrim” was originally a tween novel written about Stratford, On. in 1957 by the renowned Lyn Cook. Ms. Cook later adapted it for CBC radio. I had a local librarian here in Stratford, On. suggest “Pegeen” for my own children who I have raised here. It has stayed with me for over a decade and I wanted to try turning it into a play. This is my first foray into adaptations but I’ve been guided by fellow writer Nancy Benjamin. “Pegeen “ introduces one to a piece of Stratford’s history. That unique moment in time when it was decided~to go ahead with the making of the Stratford Festival of Canada. Our young protagonist has dreams of one day becoming an actress and this particular event brings her ever closer to fulfilling them. We will sit around the dining table in the boardinghouse that Pegeen helps her Mother to run and listen to the lively discussion the residents have about the Bard and his relevancy to this town and their lives.

SPIDERS (Marion Adler) fiction reading - Ten eyes see one story from two very different points of view. (see Abducted by Aliens)


There’s a Storm Coming (Katherine Arcus)- dramatized reading -  Set several decades in the future - both post-climate change and post-peak oil - There’s a Storm Coming is the story of two young women, who fell in love across the class divide when they were young enough to believe it didn’t matter, struggling to reconnect in the wake of an unexpected reunion.


Some strong language. 

70 minutes


On Sunday the 14th


A Certain Kind of Person (Katherine Arcus) - monologue - A true story about running away with the circus and the feeling of displacement that comes from venturing outside the boundaries of “normal” life.


Animalier (Sadie Berlin) - dramatized reading - The Toronto wife of a mining venture capitalist is convinced there are uninvited guests living in her house.


Breathe (Marion Adler) - verse, movement - A poem choreographed beneath seven umbrellas.


Ruth (Monice Peter) - dramatized reading - Ruth is a tragi-comedy about a young women’s journey through poverty, sex and seeking the appearance of God.

The Buenos Aires Writing Project (Sadie Berlin)- fiction reading - A Canadian woman and her Swedish lover escape to Argentina to hang out in piano bars and learn the tango.


A piece by Baptiste Neis (Baptiste Neis) - TBA


Advisory: mature themes and language, including sexual themes and language.

70 minutes



Friday October 12

10:30 AM

Sunday October 14

7:00 PM


Baptiste Neins

Transplanted from Newfoundland, Baptiste Neins greatly appreciates having been invited into this women’s writing fold. Currently a puppet theatre creator and mum, her other incarnations include activist, actress, producer, director and voice over artist in theatre, film, tv and new media. .

Katherine Arcus

Katherine Arcus is an emerging playwright. In her reckless youth, she moved to Europe, ran away with the circus, and studied drama in London. She is now back home in Canada, with a ‘day’ job in the theatre.

Nancy Benjamin

Nancy Benjamin is an associate voice, text and dialect coach for the Stratford Festival of Canada (since 2000), and has worked in the US and Canada for over 35 years.  She loves nothing better than to hear a good story told well.

Stacy Smith​

Stacy Smith is a professional  actor, arts educator and over the last three years she has been co-writing and co- creating “The Ladies of The CNR”. Thank you to the wonderful women who show up to write twice a month and to Pal Place Stratford, for giving us a space to create.

Barbara Dunn-Prosser

Barbara Dunn-Prosser’s performing career is a versatile one. She has appeared opposite Dmitri Hvorostovsky as Donna Elvira in Rhombus Media’s film of Mozart’s Don Giovanni and has toured southern Ontario with her one-woman show, Come to the Woods, about pioneer artist and writer Anne Langton. Barbara has been a featured soloist with symphony orchestras across North America, and a member of the acting company with the Stratford Shakespeare Festival for several seasons.  She has appeared with the Canadian Opera Company, and performed the role of Carlotta with both the touring and Toronto productions of The Phantom of the Opera. In 2002, she released her CD Till We Meet Again. Barbara has performed with the Stratford Symphony as Josephine in a concert version of HMS Pinafore and as Peep Bo in The Mikado. Barbara has also created and performed another one-woman show, Lest We Forget, based on letters from the Front by Canadian soldiers from rural Ontario.

Barbara currently teaches voice at Western University in London and privately in Stratford, Ontario.  She is a member of the College of Examiners for the Royal Conservatory of Music, and District Governor for the Ontario Chapter of The National Association of Teachers of Singing.  In 2012 she and her colleague Susan Ambrose revised the Royal Conservatory’s Voice syllabus and compiled Resonance: A Graded Series of Voice Repertoire published by Fredrick Harris.

Marion Adler

Marion Adler is an actor, singer and award winning lyricist. Her musicals have been produced in the West End, off Broadway and across North America and Europe. She is a recipient of the $100,000 Kleban Prize for her lyric writing.

Brigit Wilson​


Brigit Wilson has lived in Stratford with husband Antoni Cimolino for 30 yrs. 13 seasons with the Stratford Festival. Elsewhere: the Next Stage Festival ; the Grand Theatre; Theatre Calgary; TBTB; The Blyth Festival ; The Segal Centre. TV: The Campbells (four seasons). Film: Beyond Innocence, Anne of Avonlea, The Marriage Bed, Echoes in the Darkness, Lustre. Twitter: @HOOPOOHEART.


Photo credit: Kevin Clark


Monice Peter

Monice Peter is an actor originally from Calgary and is a company member at the Stratford Festival. Monice hopes to one day have a pet cat. She is beyond excited to be amongst the Scribblers and share her work with you.

Sadie Berlin​

In previous incarnations, Sadie Berlin was a legal anthropologist and ethnographer, an offshore finance journalist and a literary buyer for a bookshop chain in London. A published fiction writer, she now also writes for the theatre.

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